Q. Living walls and moss walls, what’s the big difference?

A. Living walls are alive, meaning they require appropriate lighting, watering and pruning weekly. 
We offer systems that can be hand watered as well as systems that have automatic timers. Our focus is to create a system that will support both you and your plants.

Moss walls are preserved and require little to no maintenance. We’re serious! Our pieces do not require water or light, making them the perfect fit for areas without daylight, like a tradeshow or basement. No water, no problem.


Q. Why don’t the mosses require maintenance?

A. Our moss walls, which utilize a variety of real mosses, ferns and flowers, have been preserved by a process using non-toxic, food grade glycerin. This process  preserves the mosses for 4-10 years as long as they are kept in the suggested environment. Since the mosses are preserved, they will remain soft, lush and vibrant, resulting in a maintenance free, ever-green piece of art.


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