We introduce nature in unexpected places through the custom design of living vertical gardens, preserved moss walls and unique plant arrangements.

Whether your goal is to bring the natural healing elements of plants into your living space or to create a unique on-site experience for clients, we approach each project with a dual focus on the art and the science of plants. Rooted in the coalescence of sustainable design concepts, the expertise of skilled builders and the imagination of spirited artists, our designs are certain to make an impact on your space. We have emerged as industry leaders because our approach is to collaborate with clients until they feel comfortable with the often intimidating world of plants. We dream big, plan carefully, and have learned to tame the wild.

Our services include commercial installations, trade show solutions, residential design, rental walls for special events, regenerative design consultations, custom projects and classes. Learn more by visiting our Services page. For inspiration and a full understanding of the scope of our work, check out our project gallery.


Enrich your life with the power of plants. Contact with plants has a proven restorative and calming effect on the human spirit. We are intuitively taken in by their intricate beauty and gain strength from their presence



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Amanda is an absolute joy to work with. She is collaborative, passionate and extremely flexible, which are all incredibly important traits for a creative project to run smoothly and successfully. I would definitely work with her again, in fact I already am!
— Kristin Riccio, GREENE & GREY