Planted Design is a full service firm that is focused on creating beautiful, functional and sustainable designs.

We connect nature in unexpected places, and in unexpected ways.  Whether you are a business, designer, homeowner or planning a special event, we can help your next project 'come alive.'


From Philadelphia to San Francisco, we've designed for families homes of all shapes and sizes. Each arrangement is custom made for our clients, reflecting their personal style, environmental needs and design aesthetic.


 Plants help people feel more focused, leading to increased productivity, creativity and better problem solving capabilities. Who wouldn't want more of that in their office? Lucky for you, we have extensive experience designing interiors for offices and restaurants. Not only will our beautiful designs draw customers to your business, but they will help market you as an eco-conscious employer and improve the working conditions for your employees.

Go Raw trade show booth by Planted Design

Trade show booths

We help companies enhance their marketing by creating powerful, unique brand experiences presented through custom vertical walls and arrangements for showrooms, conferences, expo's and more. You dream it, we build it.

Moss wall for Caliva by Planted Design


Promote yourself sustainably and stand out from the crowd with our maintenance free moss plant signs. These eye-catching signs are an effective way to communicate to visitors about your eco-creditials in addition to setting yourself apart from your competitors.


Rental Walls

We offer both living & moss wall rentals. Our rentals can be easily customized to display your logo, wedding theme & style or it can be set up to act as a photo booth or a step & repeat for large events. Our team ensures that your rental green wall is transported, installed & maintained with ease. Learn more about our rental options.


When you purchase a custom piece from Planted Design, you're receiving more than a product. Unlike other companies, we do not take a "one size fits all" approach to our design landscapes. We work with you to choose the right placement and concept to showcase your style.



At Planted, we love sharing our knowledge and passion for plants with our community. Our Plant Educators will teach you the ins and outs of creating living walls and terrariums; including the benefits of living plants, how to maintain them, propagate and how to transplant them. Learn more about our classes.


Our Process



In order to create a unique living wall, we start by meeting with you at your chosen installation location. We’ll discuss your ideas, view potential spaces and answer any questions that you may have. We also take into account the nitty gritty: measuring the amount of natural light available and factor in exposure to elements such as wind, rain, etc. We strive to pay attention to all the details to ensure your vision becomes our vision.


Our main goal is to create a living work of art. Each vertical garden is unique in design. We select from hundreds of species, based on the environment where it will be built.  We consider color, texture, pattern and size in order to achieve the greatest visual result. As plants grow and change with the seasons, so too does the appearance of your living wall. Our goal is to create a natural installation that is interesting and beautiful through all seasons of the year.



We offer a full service maintenance program, where you can arrange to have one of our “plant whisperers” come by for regular plant maintenance. You can schedule your on-site plant care visits weekly or bi weekly to water, prune, and take care of all your plant's needs.


Still wondering how it all works?
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