Annmarie Gianni's Moss Wall Installation "This Green Wall Doesn’t Need to Be Watered (Here’s Why…)"

Planted Design has been featured on Ann Marie Gianni's "We Heart" list. We're thrilled to share part of it with you below!


Our Green Wall at Ann Marie Gianni Skin Care, by Hope Freije


As with any project, there are considerations for the space you’re working with and what you’re looking to get out of it. For us, our space was the entryway to our office, which receives some light but not necessarily enough to keep a wall of plants happy.

We also aren’t equipped to install an entire greywater irrigation system to water them. And with our state in a state of drought, we weren’t about to spend clean water on this.

So we were really excited to connect with our friend Amanda, who is using a plant preservation method to create green designs that don’t require water or light.

She arranged these planks of moss, ferns, and other plants (there’s even a mushroom in there) amongst reclaimed wood pieces from a nearby salvage yard to create something super unique and beautiful for our space.

Amanda incorporated shelves into the design, since this will soon be our new retail space! You’ll be able to come visit us in Berkeley and purchase or test out any of the products in our line! Stay tuned to find out when our grand opening is.

Amanda's unique approach to design is something we haven’t seen before. Working with her was such a fun process. Rachel got to go with her to choose the wood pieces you see in this photo and collaborated with her to incorporate shelves for product display into the design.

During the couple of days she was in the office installing this, she stopped to have lunch with the team and answered our questions about everything from the types of plants she uses to her career path to which offices and locations she’s installed her beautiful designs. We’re a curious bunch.

We whole-heartedly recommend working with her if you have a design in mind. (She travels!)

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