Plant Wellness

Living in cities, we are constantly surrounded by concrete, traffic, noise and pollution. This is not the way we’re meant to live. Humans have had an evolutionary bond with plants since the beginning of . The human eye can distinguish between 2,000 shades of green, but only 100 shades of red. Recognizing a plant’s shade of green was important when you were about to eat it or use it for shelter or medicine. This could be why we’re drawn to plants. They have a profound impact on our physical and mental wellness. Greenery softens this harsh environment, acting as a tonic to ease stress and fatigue. Green walls provide a substantial and spiritual connection to nature, which is missing in our modern concrete jungle.

Studies have shown that simply having a view of greenery in the workplace provokes positive physiological responses and increases productivity. Participants in this study shows that people exposed to plants have quicker reaction times (high productivity) and lower blood pressure (less stressed) in the presence of plants. Plants help people to feel more relaxed and focused, which can also enhance creativity, idea generation, and problem solving capabilities.

Having plants around you can drastically improve focus and general well being. We at Planted Design are dedicated to making your interiors healthier and more relaxing spaces! Check out some of these office living walls for inspiration.