A Magical Transformation

How do you transform a bare wall into a profusion of fauna?

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It takes 4,644 different plants, 7 irrigation systems for each vegetation "zone," and many helping hands over 1,161 sq. feet to be exact! 

Various succulents, ferns, and even small acacia trees helped transform a backyard into a beautiful yard. How do we create the perfect planted potion? By following these steps:

1) Take measurements of light and water exposure to ensure proper placement of plants. (Ferns require share so thus planted along the shaded patio. Succulents require sun so are thus planted on the sun exposed wall).

2) Build custom industrial felt pocket planting system.

3) Use different irrigation systems for various "zones" of vegetation.

4) Add a little love.

Lastly, we carefully select plants with attractive aromas such as chamomile to be planted at the entrance to the property, so that people walking by on the street will be drawn into the space.  

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There were even strawberries hidden among the foliage...

"Zwartkop" may sound like a magical incantation, but the "black rose" is a gorgeous succulent from the Canary Islands that blooms with bright yellow flowers in the spring.

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