Public Facing Living Walls: Your Unrestricted Guide To Our Urban Jungle

Revision: We have updated this list with new projects and compiled it into a guide map, complete with locations and photographs, for any easy way to find a beautiful installation near you. This map also includes our gallery shows if you are interested in finding a piece to own!

From SF to Berkeley to Pleasanton, you can explore our urban jungle in one day-trip! Use this map to get started.

From SF to Berkeley to Pleasanton, you can explore our urban jungle in one day-trip! Use this map to get started.

It's no secret, we are plant fanatics. Inside our studio we have cared for tens of thousands of plants and carefully placed them on dozens of living walls. We hunt for the best products and hold our systems close to our chest. But if there is one thing we cannot hide, it is natures purest right to be publicly accessible and freely enjoyed! Many of our living and moss walls are created for limited use at an event, tradeshow or as art in a private home. So when we get the chance to execute a project that is accessible to the public, we go BIG for the people in that community.

Here is a guide to our most accessible living and moss walls, designed and installed as our big 'ole green high-five to everyone passing by.


Be Safehouse (aka The Rabbit Hole), 160 14th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Feast your eyes on San Francisco’s first, community-built living wall. Rising up 30 feet on 14th Street and Van Ness, this mural is a living, breathing, evolving work of art. The building, which is home to several businesses, hosts more than 3,200 drought-resistant plants on the outside. Woven together artistically and intentionally over 1,200 square feet, this living canvas not only provides a refreshing treat for the senses, it also creates a thriving habitat for nature, attracting birds, butterflies and bees to the city. The project was completed in six days, but seemed to have appeared overnight because close to 100 helping hands made it happen quicker than many neighbors could notice. That community effort to bring nature to urban spaces has been the drive behind much of our work ever since.

Lemur Enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo, 1 Zoo Road, San Francisco, CA 94132

As designers that focus on bringing life into unexpected places, there was nothing more exciting than incorporating plant life into an environment that is full of other amazing living species. The heart of the Zoo's living wall was using plants’ natural healing elements and visual appeal for humans and animals to enjoy. This plant wall is installed in the Zoo’s Lemur Enclosure and about halfway up the wall is a passage, complete with ventilation, which the animals use as their own private place to roam. Ability to see this living wall is subject to the Zoo's hours and entrance fees, but you'd be wild not to go see it! 

Kaiyo, 1838 Union Street, San Francisco, CA 94123

Kaiyo Peruvian Nikkei, is an exploration of two cultures, immersed in flavors and ingredients, prepared to delight your senses— same goes for our plant walls! We are always mixing and matching plants to create innovative designs and help people experience plants in new ways.

Betabrand, 780 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Betabrand is an online clothing community that is releasing new products nonstop! Like us, they are a community-minded company who is committed to supporting local and new designers. Their retail location is the perfect spot for a moss wall because the light is just enough to keep shoppers energized, but not too bright that it would harm the moss.

GAP Clothing StoreFlood Building, 890 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

The Flood Building has been a San Francisco landmark since 1904. If you visit retailers in the area often, chances are you've already seen our moss wall at the GAP. The large tower in the middle of the store was built specifically to house the preserved plant wall. When we do a site visit prior to customizing a design, we often imagine where plants would thrive and build that space, rather than forcing them to exists in a less-than-ideal area. Check her out during store hours


The Pleasanton ProjectPleasanton, CA 94566

The Pleasanton Project is our largest living wall to-date. Measuring 201 feet long and totaling 1,161 square feet, the piece consists of 4,664 different plants including succulents, ferns and small acacia trees.  This vertical garden surrounds the patio, pool and grill of a private home, but lucky for you, it extends along the property gate and outside to the street-- making half of the wall something you can see for yourself!  Walk on by and see if you can smell the chamomile and mint we planted. 


The Aquatic Apartments, 2010 Fifth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710

The Aquatic is located in one of Berkeley’s most walkable neighborhoods with food and retail that reflects the area’s eclectic heritage. Residents are drawn to this area because of their love of design, fun and outdoor living, so adding plants to the common area of the apartment building made perfect sense! No only is their moss wall attractive to renters, but the staff don’t have to water or prune it— zero maintenance required! Therefore, they can focus on their residents and not keeping up with houseplants.

Annmarie Skin Care, 821 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94710

Annemarie Skin Care products are made of organic and wildcrafted ingredients, including herbs and plant extracts, to meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness for your skin and body. When you enter their retail location you will see a custom plant painting that showcases their brand with the laser-cut words Honest. Wild. Beautiful. We also mixed preserved moss and reclaimed wood throughout the reception area. Our preservation process allows the plant to retain its natural features. Unlike your average houseplant, they do NOT require any maintenance such as water or sunlight-- making it ideal for a business owner that wants to stand out without upkeep. Head in to their shop for some eye and skin-candy!

Highwire Coffee Roasters, 2049 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley CA 94702

In March of 2018, we celebrated our third birthday with a gallery opening at Highwire San Pablo. The event featured a meet and greet with our designers, flower crown making and an installation of several paint paintings available for sale and the enjoyment of Highwire Coffee's bustling clientele. Two months after the gallery opened we heard from their Brand Manager, "I don't think we've ever had a more-loved collection in the San Pablo space. We would love to discuss extending it's stay... We've learned a lot about not only how beloved your pieces are, but how impactful and inspiring plants are to the community." How could we say no to that!?! Stop in to recharge with the power of plants and coffee! 


Back in Balance Chiropractic, 3530 Grand Avenue, Suite 2, Oakland, CA 94610

Back in Balance Chiropractic may just tell our company story best, as it is home to several of our vertical gardensmoss walls and plant paintings from our first project with Dr. Jess Franco in 2015, to her new branded moss wall installed in 2018. Adding plant life to the office shows patients that Dr. Franco is committed to their health and well-being beyond traditional practice. Plants have natural restorative properties that relieve stress, reinvigorate the human spirit and restore energy that is often depleted by a busy, urban lifestyle. If you're in Oakland, head to Back in Balance to see a large sample of our work and get some highly personalized care.


Hotel Trio, 110 Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg, CA 95448

How would you like a 180 sqft plant wall welcoming you to an overnight stay? Hotel Trio wanted a staple piece for their new lobby to set them apart from competitors. We built an 18ft. high by 10ft. wide zero-maintenance plant wall that looks amazing and helps with sound absorption. Hotel guests are now greeted at check-in with the calming and restorative benefits of being in nature.

As you are exploring, don't be shy to learn more about what you are seeing on our FAQ's page. Our living and moss walls aren't beautiful for what they have, they're beautiful for what they give. Enjoy the tour!