A Volcanic Eruption's Impact on a Small Business in Emeryville


Last week, as our Accounts Manager made a routine phone call to order plants for projects we were excited to start, from vendors we love to support, she learned that the volcanic eruption in Hawai'i that began on May 3 had damaged or destroyed a number of large growers on the Big Island. 

Our first thoughts were for all the people, plants and animals who had their lives and homes uprooted by this natural disaster. Our gratitude is with our partners in California, the nurseries who love plants as much as we do and are helping us change orders and navigate costs. We are fortunate that our biggest worry is logistics and our clients likely won't know the difference. But we want everyone to know the difference. 

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Just like the flocks of tourists who visit scenic destinations, our clients across the U.S. enjoy plants that grow best in tropical climates like Hawai'i, Florida and Southern California. Florida has had its share of destructive weather over the past few years, which destroyed greenhouses and stopped plant supplies. As we anticipate climate change having a greater impact on houseplant production in coming years, we plan to further our understanding of how altered climate patterns will affect specific plants and growing regions. Humans plan for hurricane season every year, but not volcanoes. As leaders in agricultural design, we intend to use our platform to continue to play an innovative role in restoring the human relationship with nature to maximize our impression, but minimize our footprint.