Pothos Lives Up To The Houseplant Hype

There is much hype about this ubiquitous household plant and with good reason. Also known as the devil’s ivy, this plant is anything but evil. It is one of NASA and ALCA’s approved plants for removing formaldehyde, benzene, and other toxic chemicals from the air. 

Not only does it require very little maintenance, it can thrive almost anywhere. It doesn’t need much light or water making an ideal plant for even the dimmest indoor areas. They are fast growing and also very easy to propagate, so once you have one plant, you can essentially have as many as you want!

With its viney, lush green characteristics, it is a go-to plant for decorating (and purifying) any room. Here are some of our favorite inspirations.

This past March, we designed and built an 8ft living wall for Go Raw, made solely out of our beloved Pothos plant. If you are interested in purifying your air while beautifying your space, we at Planted Design would love to help you achieve this in home or office!