Company Roots

We are a woman-owned business operating in Emeryville, California. Our leaders are experts in Regenerative and LEED Certified design and are passionate, lifelong plant nurturers. Founded in 2015, Planted Design is at the forefront of the living architecture industry, with over 80 globally and nationally recognized clients and a dozen private living wall installations throughout California. Our talented team of designers, fabricators and plant handlers have received 13 AmericanHort Awards for custom client work, including 5 in 2019. Our plant walls have been utilized by many Fortune 100 companies because of their unparalleled health benefits and unique experiential qualities. We work with you to select stunning plants that need simple sun and water, or no maintenance at all. Planted Design delivers plant-based artistry that makes an impact. We conceive and create sustainable products to support others who share our commitment to embracing the natural world. 

Company Culture

We are a collection of talented, design-oriented nature lovers who thrive as part of an entrepreneurial culture. Our time is spent blending joyous moments of artistic inspiration with the laser-focus of masters of our craft. Creative problem-solving is part of our daily lives and we never shy away from a challenge. We founded this business in order to bring the healing and calming effects of plants into built spaces for the benefit of people, and we get to see this manifested with our team every day. We have experienced the rapid growth of a startup, and yet we are able to commit to better work, improved operations, and lasting client relationships because the plants keep us mindful of why we started. Plants lean on each other and adapt in order to succeed, and we do the same. We love what we do!

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Who has two green-thumbs & knows how to Hustle?

We pride ourself on collaborating with an elaborate network of talented woodworkers, metal fabricators, CNC artists and ecological designers. We often have large jobs and fast deadlines that require an extra hand from California, to Las Vegas, to New York City. Follow us on Facebook to get information on employment opportunities.