We connect nature in unexpected places, and in unexpected ways. Whether you are a business, designer, homeowner or planning a special event, we can help your next project 'come alive.'

Commercial Installation Services

Looking for ways to bring inspiration, beauty and fresh air inside your office? We build custom living green walls, maintenance free moss walls and unique plant arrangements to spruce up your any office environment. Design your planted piece to be functional or aesthetically bold & branded.

Trade Show/ Experiential Marketing

Need to make an impact? We create live and unforgettable brand experiences for trade shows, press events, product launches and marketing activations. We ship, set-up and take care of the unexpected to create an on-site experience second to none for your brand and consumers.

Residential Installation Services

From Philadelphia to San Francisco, we've designed for families of all shapes and sizes. Each arrangement is custom made for our clients, reflecting their personal style, environmental needs and ideal maintenance schedule. Come get creative with us ... we love a good design challenge!


Additional Service Offerings


Living Walls vs Moss Walls: What’s the Difference?

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Most customers ask, “What’s the difference between a living wall and a moss wall and how do I choose which direction to go?” We're here to help guide you to the most appropriate system for your desired location. To learn more, head over to the FAQ page.


Our Process



In order to create a unique living wall, we start by meeting with you at your chosen installation location. We’ll discuss your ideas, view potential spaces and answer any questions that you may have. We also take into account the nitty gritty: measuring the amount of natural light available and factor in exposure to elements such as wind, rain, etc. We strive to pay attention to all the details to ensure your vision becomes our vision.


Our main goal is to create a living work of art. Each vertical garden is unique in design. We select from hundreds of species, based on the environment where it will be built.  We consider color, texture, pattern and size in order to achieve the greatest visual result. As plants grow and change with the seasons, so too does the appearance of your living wall. Our goal is to create a natural installation that is interesting and beautiful through all seasons of the year.



Here comes the fun part! Installation can take anywhere from 2 - 16 hours, depending on the size of the living wall. We happily work around your business hours and schedule a time that makes the most sense for you. Our workers are efficient, organized and tidy.


We offer a full service maintenance program, where you can arrange to have one of our “plant whisperers” come by for regular plant maintenance. You can schedule your on-site plant care visits weekly or biweekly to water, prune, and take care of all your plant's needs.


Still wondering how it all works?
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